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Being unconditional. Really.

Of Discipline And Rituals – You asked for help. You asked for me. So here I am. – I find myself oscillating a lot in this idea of Who I Really Am. So… that’s why I asked for help. I don’t even want to fix anything. I have this feeling. This instinct about Who I ….  Read More

Making Friends With The Unknown

Is there more uncertainty in our lives than we are comfortable with? Would we like to decrease the power of this scary thing called the Unknown? How annoying is it when things do not go the way we wanted? What is our true intention? I sincerely believe that our Spirit is not at all troubled ….  Read More

How to access divine wisdom

Like most good things, accessing divine wisdom is deceptively simple. There are many practices that are recommended to put you in a state in which you can receive such wisdom. But the difficult part is that you have to… well… practice them. If you are one of the people who likes to ponder endlessly about ….  Read More

How to relax after giving birth – 3 powerful practices

At some point during my pregnancy I had started worrying that my baby’s arrival would put me in survival mode. I thought it would take all of my energy to take care of him. I feared that I would lose myself, that my beloved inner world would fade away for a while. But then it ….  Read More

How to talk to the dead

Talking to the dead needn’t be made overly complicated. In fact, it should be easier to talk to them than to have a conversation between two people in their bodies. Because at least one side will have the clarity and detachment that are characteristic to the spirit world. So if you are willing to put ….  Read More

Self-confidence: grow your own

It should actually be called kindness towards self. Self-confidence gets confused with boldness or competitive spirit.  Kindness towards self and kindness towards others should go hand in hand. And they usually do because the emotional flavours of relationships are first developed in early childhood when everything seems to wash out into everything else. So if ….  Read More

Why can’t I find my passion?

Passion and reason have a history of disagreement so it will be unnecessarily difficult, if not impossible to find your passion if: 1. You take other people’s views in consideration. 2. You weigh the pros and the cons. 3. You think passion refers to an occupation when it is in fact an attitude. 4. You ….  Read More