This website is mostly a collection of spiritual and personal development practices that I have developed along my path. Take what you feel attracted by and don’t mind the rest – always listen to your intuition.

I set out on this spiritual adventure in 1995 and really began making it my own in 2013, after long hours of solitude in the forest. The time I spent in the forest back then sparked the inspiration that led to accelerated changes in my spiritual life, which became… well, just life. I had always aspired to bring spirituality into everything I did. And after 2013 the unnatural mental separation between spiritual life on one hand and professional life, love life, social life etc. on the other hand gradually disappeared thanks to a variety of practices that I experimented with.

In 2020 I decided to bring my practices into togetherness and began sharing them in online events. Happy to share them with you here and delighted to know that it is no coincidence that you came across them, that you came across me. From Divine Essence to Divine Essence: I am smiling and waving at you!

I resonate with and find inspiration in the work of Inelia Benz, Jon Rappoport and especially Abraham Hicks. Oh, and the Spirit of the Forest, who does not have an official website…