Making Friends With The Unknown

Is there more uncertainty in our lives than we are comfortable with? Would we like to decrease the power of this scary thing called the Unknown? How annoying is it when things do not go the way we wanted?

What is our true intention?

I sincerely believe that our Spirit is not at all troubled by such questions. About 27 years ago I started asking myself what would put an end to aggression. The answer I found was “happiness”. So then I wanted to know what makes us happy, deeply happy, happy for a lifetime. And while there will always be times when we will feel less than happy, I found that happiness can be long lasting when we create something that is meaningful to us. “Ideal circumstances” always become “stale” eventually. We can’t just stay happy in unchanging circumstances. We have a deep drive to apply ourselves to something. We need to CREATE.

Recently, my understanding of this matter of life-long creation process has been enriched. I now believe that our intention is to create Self anew. And to continue to create Self anew. Forever. And from this perspective, the Unknown is no longer a foe, it is our best friend. There is no way for us to continue to create our Selves anew endlessly without the variety that the Unknown offers.

What does it mean to create Self anew?

Since the possibilities of Spirit manifesting through us are endless, how might Spirit decide to bring one aspect of Itself forward instead of another aspect? As I currently see it, it is through this game of separation. Spirit, separated in an infinity of individual perspectives (not just human), responds to specific circumstances from a specific perspective, thus becoming manifest. As circumstances change, so do the responses. More and more opportunities for Spirit to become manifest. Ever changing circumstances, ever changing opportunities for endless aspects of Self to be brought forward. The big question becomes: “Who do I choose to be in this circumstance?” And, of course, to access the infinite possibilities of Spirit, we need to be aligned with Spirit. We need to be centred, in the zone, in the flow or whatever you want to call it. Asking this question of who we are choosing to be is our only job. Controlling circumstances and results is not. Shifting the focus from “How do I solve this problem?” to “Who am I choosing to be?” is so refreshing, so healing, so empowering. I do hope you give it an honest shot.

You can begin right here, with a 10 minute meditation that invites you to rest within the Unknown. This meditation was inspired to me by a magical group of people from Connection Playground. I hope you enjoy it.

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