How to access divine wisdom

Like most good things, accessing divine wisdom is deceptively simple. There are many practices that are recommended to put you in a state in which you can receive such wisdom. But the difficult part is that you have to… well… practice them.

If you are one of the people who likes to ponder endlessly about what is the right thing to do and you keep searching for information and reading books and articles, I admit there is pleasure in that. But if you want to actually receive the wisdom, put the books aside, switch off the computer and do one of those things that so many people recommend for getting in the flow: meditate, pray, do Yoga etc. or, as detailed in this article, write dialogue.

Writing dialogue has been one of my favourite practices lately. I think I first encountered it in Jon Rappoport’s Exit From The Matrix, but it is essentially the same practice that brought us Abraham Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God. The same practice. It will be up to you to what level of mastery you will bring it. Just like with playing a violin, you could practice a little bit and get a little bit better or practice a lot and get a lot better.

Writing dialogue to receive wisdom

Committing to daily practice does help. It needn’t be more than 10 minutes each day, but there will be times when what will come through will be so exciting that you will want to write for longer.

Pick an entity, a being you admire. It could be God or another personification of an energy you are very much interested in. It should be an entity that you look up to, someone who “has the answers”. Talk to this entity in writing. Try to be out of your mind and into your senses, as Neale Donald Walsch would put it. Write fast. Anything goes. Just show up for the meeting and write fluidly for 10 minutes.

Give yourself a chance

You may experience resistance at the beginning. It may take a while to silence the mind. You will still have thoughts in a silenced mind, but they will be of a different nature. They will no longer be part of that judgemental chatter that makes you tense up. If you simply show up for this meeting each day, you will get to the point where you will look at what you wrote and will be amazed: did I just write that?

I am sharing an example of this practice in this YouTube video and other examples in the paragraphs below.

When practice becomes fun

I don’t remember how I came up with this idea of dialoguing with an infinitely wise tree frog, I just remember that it happened about 5 years ago. We now have a history together. I call him Master Frog. The things he told me helped me navigate some of the darkest times in my life. Your chosen personification of wisdom will certainly be in a different shape and will tell you different things. But just to illustrate how this can go, I am sharing some of my favourite exchanges with him from this week. I hope this motivates you to commit and show up for your meetings.

Of confusion and clarity, emotions and manifestations

“Master Frog, I feel confused.”

“Of course you feel confused. You are aiming your focus in opposite directions. You are mobilising tremendous energies in opposite directions. Imagine the intensity of the clarity you would feel if only you would take your focus off circumstances and just place it on emotions you are interested in. You would be infinitely powerful. Manifestations are just happy or less than happy side-effects of your focus. Yes, they are interesting. Yes, they are important. But they are nowhere near as important as the emotional flavour that precedes them and subsequently accomplishes those manifestations. The manifestation is nothing to you in the absence of the emotion you hoped would be produced by the manifestation.”

Of beliefs and intuition

“Master Frog, since we have intuition to guide us, why do we need beliefs? If at any point in my life I listen to my intuition, divine consciousness will guide me flawlessly. So why have beliefs?”

“They are just rocks on a paved road. Intuition points the direction, but cannot also be the road. A belief provides a stand point from which your intuition orients you.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“They are part of the work of art. Like colours in a painting. You choose the colours you like, you combine them and you balance them. The creative possibilities are infinite. But for a creation to come into existence, you need to make some choices. Only having the intuition and no beliefs would be like having an infinity of ideas about what to create and never creating anything. Without choices about the colours (beliefs, in our analogy) to be added to your canvas, there would be no use for your sense of how to harmonise them, no use for inspiration. So yes, have beliefs. Just be light-hearted about them – whatever that means for you.”

On time travel / time expansion

“Could I go back in time?”

“You mean un-create what you have created, what the Universe has created?”

“No. Simply show up there, in my physical body.”

“Why would you ever want to do that?”

“I don’t think I would do it to un-do the past. I realise that un-doing the past is making a new choice which still has the potential to be later on assessed as being a wrong choice. But how about learning from the past?”

“The consequences of past events are here, now. What better way to learn than by being here, now? Going back would be like starting the lesson all over again. If you didn’t get the lesson, the lesson is still alive in the present. So why go back? If you did get the lesson, why go back?”

“How about having more time available to do the things I want to do, but without the pressure?”

“Why do you feel pressure?”

“Because there is so much to do and so little time sometimes.”

“Those many things you say you want to do, are they equally important to you?”


“And suppose you would manage to do them all, in your own time, free of pressure, suppose you would get to do the fun things, the deeply significant things, the adventurous things, the glorious things and the things you consider to be right. Suppose you would get to do all those things, would that make a significant difference in the way you feel? Think about how you felt after the highs and lows of your life.”

“Fine. You win. The significant way in the way I felt was not achieved through my actions. It was all about my thoughts around what was going on. It has always been like that.”

“So why, oh why would you insist on wanting to do more things when you know so well that the only thing that matters is what you think about what is going on? If you would write a very, very, very long list of things you want – objects and experiences, circumstances and relationships and you would get to have them all BUT the way you FEEL would not improve much, what good would that be? Why go through all the trouble? Any feeling you are interested in is accessible to you right from this point in space and time. Any feeling. You just need to improve your focus. That is to say you need to improve the thoughts you think about everything, moment to moment. And then, yes, those thoughts will transform your experiences in consensus reality – but that is not your adventure. Your adventure is wielding your thoughts.”

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