How to talk to the dead

Talking to the dead needn’t be made overly complicated. In fact, it should be easier to talk to them than to have a conversation between two people in their bodies. Because at least one side will have the clarity and detachment that are characteristic to the spirit world. So if you are willing to put aside all the movie and folklore inspired ideas about talking to the dead, here we go.

Who can you talk to?

Any individuality you can conceive of. It needn’t be someone you have met.

Looking for them where they are not

If you are still very much at odds with the person having deceased, you are probably feeling their absence very acutely and this makes it hard for you to feel their presence.

This statement is not made in an absurd attempt to convince you to change the way you feel. It is just flagging the fact that it is probably not the right time for communication yet. If the departure caused you a great deal of emotional turmoil, communicating might only be possible after those emotions subside.

Opening up to new realities

Just as in relationships with the living, you will only be able to perceive what you are willing to perceive. Our idea of a person is just that – our idea, not the person in their entirety. Your chances of receiving communications from the departed are better when you are in a relaxed, serene mood because this will make you more flexible, more open to new realities.

Trusting your intuition

For different reasons, the way you are used to using your mind in the physical world is not of much benefit in talking to the dead. You probably have numerous expectations that hinder communication in the non-physical plane. Maybe you expect to receive communication in the form of words and do not expect it to come in the form of knowing or in the form of “out of the blue” emotions. Maybe you expect the non-physical being to perform some physical actions as proof that they are receiving your messages – but remember they have left the physical plane; had they still been interested in it, they would still be in their bodies. You might be seeking validation of your experiences from others – which is almost never a good idea…

If you can relax into simply knowing, you might acknowledge the fact that the person suddenly came to mind as proof that they were focused on you in that moment. You might recognise a new idea you got as something that was inspired by them.

What the dead are interested in

As with the living, it can be quite hard to establish communication on subjects that are not of interest to both parties. You may still have your attention on regret, guilt, anger and all sorts of negative subjects. But your non-physical interlocutor is less likely to be interested in such things. However, their desires and interests from their physical life are still very relevant to them in the non-physical. If they were interested in art, family relationships, community wellbeing, gardening etc., they are still interested in those things now. And the best part is they still want to be a part of the creative process. They still want to be involved in supporting the transformation of an inspired thought into physical reality. And they will be very happy if you ask them for help in their areas of expertise.

Just begin

When you feel ready, just launch your messages towards the person you have in mind. Do that simply as it feels most comfortable – speak out loud, write or just formulate thoughts. Your messages are being received for sure. Your mood determines your capacity to receive back. So the response may not come that instant, but if you are open, it will come. I hope you can be relaxed about it and allow yourself an out of this world experience.

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