3 blocks in connecting with Spirit Guides

Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka on Unsplash

I recently offered some support to someone wishing to communicate with her spirit guides. And, as we were talking, I got enhanced clarity on common blocks in our attempts to connect with the spirit world. So I have decided to share these with you in the hope of making things easier for you than they have been for me.

  1. The implicit assumption that communicating to a Spirit Guide implies delegating responsibility.

We might be thinking that if a Spirit Guide “knows better” (or “knows more”), then that means that they should be “obeyed”. And that is actually creating anxiety and resistance at some level because we do not wish to give up our freedom.

Receiving support from a Spirit Guide does not absolve us from being responsible for our choices. Just like seeking medical advice from a good doctor does not mean we are no longer responsible for our own health. We can pretend that we are not responsible, but that does not change the fact that we are. No matter how advanced the intelligence that we are accessing is, our agreement and discernment are still required.

2. You are trying to develop an ability without having an awareness of how it is currently manifesting.

Before a dancer can evolve to a certain level, they must first develop their a great awareness of their body. We all have bodies, but we don’t all have the kind of body awareness that is needed to be a good dancer. We are all receiving inspiration from the Non-physical, but most of the time we are not aware of it. To communicate with Spirit Guides we must first develop our awareness of what is already there, of what we are already receiving, of what it feels like when it is happening. We can get some help from someone more experienced than us who can point out things we should be paying attention to.

And when communication does happen, it needs to be acknowledged to make progress possible. Humans can smell a lot of things that they pay zero attention to. But if we wish to develop our sense of smell, we must start by acknowledging, by paying attention to what we can already smell. For example, if prompted, most of us would probably be capable of acknowledging that the same perfume smells slightly different when applied to the wrist compared to when applied to our hair. But we generally do not pay attention to that.

3. Your imagination is insufficiently developed.

Why do boxers train by doing push ups or by running up and down a flight of stairs? If they want to get better at boxing, shouldn’t they do just that? Nobody expects them to do push ups and run up and down stairs during a boxing match, right? Well, imagination is your push ups for developing the ability to connect to the Non-physical. What you are trying to perceive is… non-physical. It will not sound like things your physical ears can hear, it will not look like what your physical eyes can see. Moreover (and this I find quite funny) how are we hoping to receive intelligence that is beyond ours, ideas we could not conceive by following your usual trains of thought if we do not develop our imagination?

Worry not. There is a difference between imagining something and receiving inspiration. It just takes some practice, done on purpose and consistently.

I would really love to hear about your experiences in connecting with Spirit Guides or to the Non-physical in general. And perhaps what you will have to share will give me more clarity on how to support you further.

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