Accessing Divine Wisdom: a chat with the Spirit of Money

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

One of my favourite practices for accessing Divine Wisdom is writing dialogue in intuitive flow. I have described this practice in detail in this article. I am reproducing one such dialogue below. I was inspired to commune with the Spirit of Money and this is what came through.

I usually don’t make a ritual of it, but on this particular occasion I felt like preparing two cups of tea and having them on the table as I was writing.

Silvana (S): Good morning, Spirit of Money! I warmly invite you to have tea with me!

Spirit of Money (SM): Good morning, Silvana! I warmly invite you to have tea with me too. And you are very welcome for the tea!

S: (Smile) Tell me about you. Where did you come from?

SM: I was always here. Even before there was anything that you could understand as money. My energy is that of abundance and I flow that constantly. And, as your friend would put it, I love structure for my flow, for a very simple reason: the better the structure, the stronger the flow. I am here to support the experience of abundance in the physical world and that is more intertwined with everything than you might think.

S: Why are people upset with you?

SM: There is only one Me. I flow the energy of abundance. There’s plenty of stories about me. Do you remember being scared to hold a large amount of money in your hands?

S: Yes, I am quite embarrassed about that.

SM: Why?

S: Because I thought that holding a large amount of money in my hands, money that I was about to use for a purpose I intended, would feel good.

SM: You see? That’s just the thing: there’s different stories that people tell. How would you like to change the story you told that day?

S: I’m buying a house. I have been dreaming of buying a house. The house is in […]. Ever since I was in high school I’ve been dreaming of moving to […].

SM: So you bought a house. And you still didn’t feel like you bought a house because you felt insecure about it. I cannot cure your sense of insecurity. Please never ask that of me. I can do what I am here to do: open up possibilities for you. But I cannot and will not (meaning I have no desire to) cure your sense of insecurity. Once you’ve dealt with your sense of insecurity in the right context, I’ll be here to serve you as I intend to serve you.

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