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  1. I have worked with Silvana on my energy alignment and I am so grateful for her help. I had the feeling of complete trust in these new methods she was describing and I had the courage to change the meaning of the instructions when they didn’t served me. It was a beautiful thing and it helped me see the results almost instantaneously.
    I knew that we were going to talk about something that is going to help me in a more profound way. How did I know it? I think it surpasses just trust and goes into the fine world of feeling the energy resonate. It is like having a premonition and deciding to follow your intuition on a path. You should try it and literally magick will happen for you.
    As an example: I choose to imagine myself being a peregrine falcon in one of the exercises. After completing the session I saw literally a flock of falcons enjoying riding on the hot air currents just like I imagined in the session. My ease and amazement were huge.
    Choose your signs and be open to see them arise as your proof of your personal energy alignment.
    Thank you Silvana for your assistance in helping me with my energy alignment.

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