How fun can serve you

Fun can be such a tricky thing when you’re an adult. It can slip through your fingers when you pursue it – sometimes the harder you try to have fun, the less fun it is. And yet, when you find your own way of calibrating to fun, it spills into everything else, even into what you used to call work.

The 30 days fun challenge

A month ago I decided to start a 30 days fun challenge with a bunch of really good people, most of them from Connection Playground. I didn’t tell anyone at that time, but I was feeling like I was slipping off my pink fluffy cloud. I was pretty sure I knew how to find my way back into steadily flowing serenity. And the plan was to put my thoughts where they work best. Hence the fun challenge: each day for 30 days do (at least) one thing just because you really feel like doing it.

To put it simply, I knew that fun was an unpretentious shortcut to energy alignment and I knew that inviting others to participate would help us all keep the focus steady.

What if you don’t feel like having fun?

Of course, on some days, fun is simply out of reach and something like anger might feel more appropriate. But the best feeling accessible in the moment can still be found. Trust yourself. If you aim for fun, you will be able to come up with something good enough even on the bad days. Just keep reading to see what that might look like.

The rewards of fun

Happiness – I was having a conversation with one of my friends some time ago in which I was enthusiastically describing my methods for achieving happiness. And I will always remember the perplexion I felt when she asked me what the specific purpose of those methods was, what exactly would be achieved. Happiness!!! Yes! Happiness is something worth pursuing, it is a purpose in itself!

It was not just the fun or soothing things that I was doing as part of the challenge that were fueling my happiness, it was also the togetherness and the appreciation I felt for the other participants in the challenge and my love for their curiosity, creativity and courage (there’s three nice words that begin with the letter c!). And part of the reason I decided to write this article is to show my appreciation for the people who took part in the challenge.

Sharing this 30 days fun challenge with others was absolutely delicious! I savoured their creativity, their aliveness and their authenticity. It felt like a real treat when I checked the group’s messages each day. You should really try this with your friends, it boosts the good things in life. Love, compassion and comfort, creativity, perkiness, appreciation, humour – they’ll all light up.

Finding pleasure in “work”

Something very interesting happened to me during the challenge. I began enjoying activities that I had previously considered “work” and I felt in the mood for doing more “work” and in the mood for creating and sticking to some routines. As one of the participants in the challenge pointed out, it seems that the focus on fun created some emphasis on and brought more pleasure into “work” to balance things out. I must say that I have long desired to find joy in all that I do, but I had not imagined it happening in this way.

Clarity and revelations – I recently had an important revelation which I “blame” on the energy alignment facilitated by my fun challenge. I had cultivated a practice to access divine wisdom (you can read more about it here) which brought me many benefits. But I felt stuck in my practice at some point and felt that the wisdom was not flowing anymore. And now I understand why. I used to think that in those communing sessions I would come to clarity about things I should do. I now know that the purpose of those sessions and the reason why they worked so well in the beginning was energy alignment. The content in itself was marginally important. In those sessions I reverted to the natural flow of energy, in which connection to Divinity is effortless, in which there is unwavering clarity, in which all the best things in my life began.


I always found it very interesting how many people seem to believe that if they work hard enough they can make things happen. From my perspective, there is SO much that we cannot control, so much that actually requires a bit (or a lot) of magick on the part of the Universe. And so, among other things, a new law added to my financial wellbeing and made my family life a bit better and an opportunity came up to spend a couple of days just with my husband, something I had envisaged would only be possible significantly later in the future. In short, more things started working in my favour, things I could not have any direct control over.

Fun or soothing things to do

I liked the things we did as part of the challenge so much that I decided to make a list to keep. A list of fun or relaxing or soothing things to do. I tried to list all of them, but found so much in just one week of the challenge that I could not bring myself to continue scrolling through 3 more weeks – forgive me, honourable playmates!

Should you feel inspired to try some of the things listed below, do consider safety and… holy context…

  1. Give birth. – Ok, this one is probably not fun, but it might be considered soothing if you are a pregnant lady who is overdue. I just had to list it here because I am so in awe that one of the participants in the challenge was pregnant when the challenge began, gave birth while the challenge was ongoing and still kept up with it! Wow! I like the world a bit more because this happened.
  2. Create something that is significant to you – a weekend retreat, a video to teach people how to find relief from anxiety, a recorded meditation
  3. Research stuff you feel really passionate about. Funny looking slippers. Pretty boxes. You don’t need to justify your passion, no one will be looking over your shoulder to check if you are doing something useful. We hope.
  4. Explore shamanic practices.
  5. Order an awesome breakfast – treat yourself like a queen or a king!
  6. Imagine what animals might say and put it into a song.
  7. Sing! Try singing children’s songs in the shower.
  8. Dance! (Note the exclamation mark.) Are there any dance classes you might enjoy taking?
  9. Paint or draw – see how spontaneous you can be about it, there’s nothing at stake.
  10. Poetry – read some or, better yet, write some!
  11. Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes.
  12. Play with snow. Don’t like the cold? Play with ground coffee or with tea. Or with leaves, pebbles, flower petals etc.
  13. Learn, or better yet, teach clowning (if you can).
  14. Play with your child’s things.
  15. Play soccer with your kindergartener while holding your baby on one arm.
  16. Cuddle with someone you love… or just with a really lovable blanket.
  17. Bedtime stories – read one to yourself or to someone else, or better yet, make one up!
  18. Gaze at beautiful landscapes and photograph them if you enjoy playing with your camera; but definitely give them a good long loving gaze.
  19. Find DIY projects you enjoy (cook a new recipe, make your own body butter, try needle felting, create a gift for a child – whatever appeals to you).
  20. Take a walk in the forest.
  21. Go for a run.
  22. Do some Yoga.
  23. Go skating.
  24. Take some time to connect with friends.
  25. Volunteer for a cause that speaks to your heart.
  26. Give someone a really nice hug in a moment when they might appreciate it.
  27. Try speaking some words in the native language of your foreign friends and see if they can figure out what you were saying; or verbally text to someone on your phone in a foreign language and see what auto correct comes up with.
  28. Talk to someone about books you love.
  29. Sit under a tree.
  30. Watch the fire burning in the fireplace.
  31. Walk in the rain.
  32. Go to the spa or create a little spa in your own bathroom (you can find plenty of nice ideas online about how to do that).
  33. Take a nap, preferably with your cat purring on top of you.
  34. Relax on a porch.
  35. Stare at insects and maybe play with them (gently, please).
  36. Meditate.
  37. Take the time to consider things that your body is offering you that you appreciate (like the first time you are able to dance after having given birth).
  38. Create a new morning routine for yourself including things that are important to you or things that you just enjoy.
  39. Find the fun in housework. Wear elegant clothes while cleaning. Fold your clothes Marie Kondo style. Wash dishes… from the spiritual point of view (you figure out what that means) – it’s a great exercise for your ability to focus!
  40. Discover places in your city that you’ve never been to before.
  41. Find something that you feel like thanking yourself for; and thank yourself for it. Seriously.
  42. Rearrange a closet in a way that is pleasing to you.
  43. Afford the luxury of doing nothing.
  44. Give yourself permission to have a good cry and then acknowledge to yourself that it was indeed a good cry. Oh, and one more:
  45. Start a 30 days fun challenge with your friends!

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