21 Days of Magick – Day 21

Image credit: Marina Valkova

Dear Magickal Spirit, congratulations on having dedicated your focus to a daily magickal practice for 20 days in a row! We have arrived to the end of this particular adventure, which can only mean we have a new beginning ahead of us.

The meditations and exercises offered to you in these 20 days were designed to draw the magic out of you, to attract it in the open fields of the mind, to lure it out with soul music and food for creativity. But the most important thing is your knowing that it is there, within you. No one can give you something that you deny having.

Clarity, being true to oneself, decisiveness, focus

It is focus and decisiveness that make magic, focus and decisiveness that can dictate reality from inside out. And that is exactly what a spell is: dictating reality from inside out. When you feel that your reality is dictated from the outside and affecting your inside, that is your red flag that you are moving away from magick. And you never need to worry about this, because magick lives within you and it cannot be lost, it can only be temporarily and partially forgotten.

If you think of anyone in whom you see greatness you will be able to perceive this movement of energy from inside of them towards the outside world. We sometimes think, speak and act as if such a person did a number of specific things first and then they became an expression of greatness. My whole being is strongly radiating the knowing that such people first decided on greatness and then focused on it, whatever greatness meant for them personally. We may value things that others do not think much of. As part of dictating reality from within, we must decide what greatness means for us. We may see it where others do not. Our power is where we see greatness. It may sometimes be tempting to go outside our realm of power because others say greatness is found in other places. That cannot end well.

Do you feel ready to decide that your magick is truly great and to focus on it? If you do, then continue with the exercise for this day. If you are unsure, test yourself. Affirm it and then deny it and see what that feels like to your body. Say it out loud: “I am ready to decide that my magick is truly great.” And then say: “I am not ready to decide that my magick is truly great.” Which one feels true and which one feels fake? If you do not feel ready, do not make a big deal out of it. Praise yourself for having clarity on this and come back to the exercise on another day.

The suggested meditation for this day is a 15 minute silent meditation. By silent meditation I mean that you sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and simply follow your breath with your mind. Your focus will be interrupted by thoughts, but that doesn’t matter; when that happens, just return your focus to your breath whenever your mind wanders.

The exercise for this day is an invitation to clarity, being true to oneself, decisiveness and focus. It is meant for a moment when you do feel ready to decide that your magick is truly great. If that is not the case for you today, leave it for another day.

This exercise is, in fact, a spell, a way of dictating reality from within. Spend some time to write down about your own, personal magick. This is no time to be shy. Go for the best that you can conceive. Here are some questions to help you, but please go beyond these questions, wherever your magick takes you.

  • When do you feel at your most magickal?
  • Where does your power come from?
  • What is it like?
  • What is your magick based on?

Now write about what you choose to do with your magic. Write about it in past tense, as if it has already happened (and it has because time is not linear!). Finally, affirm the greatness of your magick by passing it on to someone else: find an apprentice. The idea here is for you to affirm the truth and value of your magick by teaching it to someone else in some way. You needn’t declare a person your apprenice, just decide that you will do your best to convey your magick to them through your thoughts and actions. If you are not someone who easily has access to people who might benefit from this, create an imaginary apprentice and imagine and maybe even write down dialogue with them. Imagine what they would say and do and how you would respond. Offering your magick to someone is a great way for you to acknowledge it.

In joy!

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