21 Days of Magick – Day 20

Image credit: Marina Valkova

Everything is energy. All energy is same in essence. All energy comes from the same singular Source. When it comes to energies that we perceive as positive, it is easier to see that they share a common source. This is much more difficult with our own negative energies. And yet, those too are, in essence, life force focused in a particular way. Might it be easier to deal with them from that perspective?

The practice for this day does not require that you re-activate any thoughts related to your negative energies. Quite the opposite. Let us just see these energies as distinct entities, outside the complicated web of thoughts in which we often get caught.

The meditation for this day is dedicated to this:

The exercise for this day is an invitation to acknowledge and / or celebrate the life force within you. The choice of how to best do this is yours, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Do a dance of aliveness and vitality.
  • Go running and see how fast you can go. At your fastest, enjoy the power.
  • Do house work and marvel at the energy that your body can generate.
  • Go to the top of a hill or mountain and shout out at the top of your lungs to express your vitality.
  • Enjoy horseplay or a play fight with children.
  • Play with an energetic pet.
  • Play a musical instrument that feels powerful to you.

These suggestions are here to help, but I really hope that you will take the time to discover what is the best way for you to experience and enjoy the intensity of your own life force. Knowingly create opportunities for yourself to experience your life force in a pleasurable way. Become comfortable with your power.

In joy!

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