21 Days of Magick – Day 19

Image credit: Marina Valkova

What is aliveness? What is alive? I feel as if the accumulation of knowledge about the physical world has led humans to restrict their perception of what is alive to animals and plants. And even with animals and plants it feels like we often act as if their aliveness is of little importance. Personally, I enjoy life with more life in it and I am happy that my experiences have awakened my magickal mind. Finding new ways to honour life and aliveness makes me happier. I also suspect it creates a predisposition for seeking harmony and balance with the natural environment.

In 2013 I found that all of a sudden I became aware of the aliveness in the presence of plants and trees around me. Before that moment I only had an intellectual knowledge of the fact that they were alive, but had not experienced their presence as the presence of something that was alive. In 2020 the same thing happened to me with water. I called that experience “achieving water consciousness”.

Over time, I have come across so many magickal practices that rely on water. The folk stories in my culture mention that healing and restoring life can happen with the help of “live water” and “dead water”. They also mention the great health benefits of “untouched water”, which is water taken from a spring or well at midnight and kept in a clay pitcher. These are things that have always fascinated me, but the fact is that I have been successful in using water magick without the help of spells and rituals created by others. It is very empowering to realise that you already have what you are looking for.

For this day, I suggest that you do the meditation first:

The exercise for this day comes with two options.

Option A – developing water consciousness

As you move through your day, you will come across water in one form or another many, many times. When you do, see if you can feel or acknowledge its spirit. I highly recommend that you address its spirit, not its energy. Water picks up energy easily – which makes it such a wonderful support for magick spells. But you might encounter it in a form that has accumulated energy which you do not particularly like. And just like with human spirits, rather than pitying it or thinking less of it because of the energy it picked up, honour the Spirit in it, feel its true power – the power of its essence. Trust it to be capable of becoming the highest expression of itself and connect with THAT aspect of it.

Then do whatever feels natural to you in the context. Perhaps you are making tea or soup. You might thank the water, appreciate the beauty of it, intend benefits to your body, bless it etc. Passing by a river or playing with snow might be other opportunities to acknowledge and connect with the spirit of water. Connecting to the spirit of water in fruit or in the body of an animal or a human is a bit more complex and might be more difficult at the beginning, but it is definitely worth trying whenever you feel up for it.

Option B – creating your own water spell

You are a beautiful Magickal Spirit. If you trust yourself to be that, you will know what to do.

In joy!

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