21 Days of Magick – Day 18

Image credit: Marina Valkova

The exercise for this day is one of my absolute favourites. The invitation is to place an energy creation in a physical location. An idea would be to place something made of energy in your own home. How would you like to have the Tree of Life in the middle of your living room? Or a fairy’s nest above your bed? A big pot of gold coins on your dining table?

I sometimes express my appreciation or my good wishes by making an energy offering such as this. I once placed a magickal energy tree somewhere and not long after that a child came to play in that place and kept spinning and looking up where I had placed the tree. Might you want to offer your energy creation as a gift to someone or something?

For this day, just make sure you put one energy creation in its place. But if this type of practice speaks to your heart, you can be certain that inspiration will come for more energy creations over time. It is best to keep the awareness of your energy creations in the same way you keep your awareness of any physical creations. When you pass them by, know that they are there. Enjoy their appearance. Feel their blessings. This can be so much fun! Just imagine placing one of these creations on a street that you walk down every day. Each time you pass it by it will remind you of the world of spirit and of your creative power and of whatever you created it for. Know that it does not matter who you dedicate a creation to. The simple fact that you are using your focus for that intention and for that type of energy will bring more things that are same in essence into your life. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Here is the meditation for this day:

In joy!

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