21 Days of Magick – Day 17

Image credit: Marina Valkova

Meditate, meditate, meditate… Now, quick, go see if those things that are bad finally agree to be good!

It is in our beautiful individual nature to dislike certain things, certain situations, certain creatures, certain beings. So how is that ever compatible with Oneness? And what is the big deal with Oneness anyway?

Paraphrasing Abraham Hicks’s explanation of unconditional love, Oneness is resting in the vibration of Source. It seems to me that separation, departure from Oneness is necessary to support individual experience, but that too much separation makes the individual experience very miserable. When our focus stays on separation for too long, we deprive ourselves of the benefits of the life force which originates in Oneness.

In my perspective of life, the universe, and everything, separation (departure from Oneness) is placing our focus on what we are not or on what we dislike or on what we hate. Focus on Oneness replenishes our life force by bringing us closer and closer to Source. In the extreme proximity, we are re-absorbed into Source. Focus on separation (what is not Self, what we dislike, what we hate) gradually distances us from the Source of our life force. In either extreme, individual existence – our life as we know it – would not be possible.

I am assuming here that neither you nor I are currently close to achieving the focus that would dissolve us into Source any time soon. So the magick to perform on this day is being at one with things we dislike. This is life-giving magick. And here is my way of performing it. Note: it will NOT include focus on things we dislike.

I invite you to try this exercise in Oneness: pretend that you are right now inventing the meaning of fun (for yourself, no one else needs to validate your invention). What would that entail? Write down your reflections and / or conclusions. Do you feel energised by your focus on fun?

And here is the meditation for this day:

In joy!

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