21 Days of Magick – Day 16

Image credit: Marina Valkova

I cannot really remember how I became aware of the presence of the spirit of my grandmother, but I do know it was many years after she had left the physical world. These days I am often aware of her presence and aware of moments when she is helping me.

In my culture, we have a tradition (religious rituals) of “mentioning” or “remembering” those who have passed away. It feels to me like these traditions are the traces of a lost awareness of the actual presence of their spirits. It is pretty much impossible to forget someone who is right there, next to you.

I also embrace the idea, very well articulated by Abraham Hicks, that the interests of a person continue in the non-physical realm after that person makes their transition into the non-physical. So if you feel that none of the ones who came before you in your lineage has shared a specific interest of yours, I encourage you to ask for assistance from any spirit that you are aware of and who you believe shares that interest. They will be very excited to work with you and to take it to the next level!

In the notes for Day 12 I mentioned that extra-sensory abilities might not work in a mechanical fashion, that is to say consistently. If you are asking for the assistance of a spirit – from your lineage or not – who has possessed extraordinary abilities, take into consideration the possible reasons why those abilities manifested as they did. Someone once asked me: “Why did my ancestors leave me without their powers?” Extra-sensory abilities and other unusual abilities had existed in his lineage up to his father and he felt like he did not possess such abilities. While I was looking into his situation, I realised that those abilities had surfaced in certain contexts which, in a way, called for them. They were probably not available in every moment like physical abilities, such as playing a musical instrument, doing a hand stand or demonstrating knowledge on a subject. Inspiration brought them out. Oh, and, by the way, his ancestors had not “left” him at all, they felt very present, interested in his life and offered a lot of guidance; I am not sure that the intention to communicate was reciprocated by him though. Also, as it happens with most of us, frustration for not getting what he expected covered up the awareness of unusual abilities that HAD manifested in various moments in his life.

I believe that the assistance you receive from the spirits you invoke will be given as is best for you. It is not limited to and will not necessarily come in the form of the abilities that were available to that spirit in their physical existence. What is important is the intensity of the interest that the spirit has in the matter that you are asking assistance for.

For this day, I suggest that you do the meditation first.

The exercise for this day is an invitation to connect with or honour one or several of your ancestors in whatever way feels right to you. Open up the paths of intuition and see what comes through.

In joy!

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