21 Days of Magick – Day 14

Image credit: Marina Valkova

In one of the previous days, you have been invited to write the story of how your Spirit came into the world. On Day 14, we revisit the practice of self-determination with a focus on health.

I am sure that throughout your life you have been bombarded with a huge amount of information about your personal health. Information about our health is usually communicated to us in the form of absolute truths. Fortunately, in its wide variety, we also find contradictions. It also happens sometimes that we put such “absolute truths” to the test and they are not reflected by our own experience. Yay! A doorway to self-determination!

Self-determination concerning our health might be more difficult to embrace because what we are taught about health often comes with lots of fear attached. We must do such and such… or else! We can acknowledge this fear and still walk through the door of self-determination smiling at our fear – it is welcome to tag along if it insists.

For this day, I invite you to choose one of the two exercise options. It is great if you can do both at your earliest convenience, but for this day just make sure you do one.

Option A

Write a list of all the instances that you can remember (or at least the most important ones) when the information that someone else gave you about your own health turned out to be inaccurate. Remember, this is an exercise in self-determination. So the purpose here is to bring some flexibility to the ideas you might entertain about health. Perhaps a doctor once told you that a condition was permanent or serious and it proved not to be. Or perhaps you were told that there were only such and such solutions for a health problem and you discovered another one. Or perhaps people often guess your age wrong because you have not felt obligated to age the way you were told you were supposed to. Try to find the things that “poke holes in consensus reality”, as Jon Rappoport once put it.

Option B

Never mind what your current beliefs about health are at the moment. And never mind how many of them actually come from your experience and how many of them were passed onto you by others. What would you actually choose to believe about your health? Make a conscious decision to choose certain beliefs. Include beliefs about vitality, athletic performance, recovery and rejuvenation etc. You can try to follow your beliefs through action afterwards if you think that would feel good, but don’t put that much pressure on yourself from the very beginning of the exercise. For now simply find what you would like to believe about your health.

The meditation for this day also comes with options. Version 1 is a more elaborate visualisation practice, while version 2 is mostly a silent meditation focusing on a single image. If you are not sure which one to choose, I suggest you go for version 2. You can try version 1 at a later time.

Version 1
Version 2

In joy!

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