21 Days of Magick – Day 15

Congratulations for having taken your mind on a daily magickal ride for the past 2 weeks!

For this day there are two options for the exercise, depending on how you feel at the moment in relationship to your creative desires. I am calling them creative desires to differentiate between them and desires that you have, one way or another, “inherited” from your environment.

Suppose geese that laid golden eggs really existed. And suppose you had one of those. Do you think you’d be really impatient with it, checking every hour if it laid an egg? Would you get frustrated and start shaking it for the egg to come out? Sometimes it seems to me that we treat our creative desires like that. Well… worse than that. First, most of us forget to feed the goose of creative desires, sometimes for years, after school makes us put it away in some dark corner. Then, later on, we realise it might be able to produce some money, so we go look for it, wherever we might have left it, and try to make it lay golden eggs.

For today’s exercise, I invite you to join me in allowing our creative desires to breathe easily, without the pressure of having to lay golden eggs. And just to be in the clear: they DO lay golden eggs and they CAN produce money. We are just trying to make sure we are putting our focus where it best serves us.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about something you want and then immediately “strangling” the thought in one way or another? “I want it, but…”. Imagine that the desire coming up in your mind is the golden egg beginning to form and whatever comes after “but” is you strangling the goose with your belief that something is not going the way it should.

I want it, but it’s (too) difficult – implying that it should be easy in order for me to get it. I want it, but I don’t know how to make it happen – implying that I should know every step of it right now. I want it, but I am not good enough for that (e.g. I will feel overwhelmed by such success). I want it, but something bad will happen if I get it (e.g. someone will steal it from me). I want it, but it is immoral (e.g. to have a house as big as that or that much money). I want it, but it is not a worthy enough goal (e.g. not what my mother / society expects of me). I want it, but I don’t really need it – implying that I only allow myself to want things I really need, so, before I know it, I find myself really needing a lot of things because life force must create in some way and it will always find a way to do that and, since I have decided that I only allow myself to want things I really need, life force will flow through really needing.

We all have things that we want that we allow ourselves to want and other things that we want that we are not so good at allowing ourselves to want, sometimes not even for a full second.

For Option A of the exercise, the invitation is to catch yourself in the moment when the desire comes into your mind and you stop the energy flow. The strangling of the goose may come in the form of thoughts associated with some emotional / physical tension. Or it might simply feel like tension in the body, in which case the strangling was done so expertly and swiftly that we haven’t managed to catch the thought that did it. Or there might be some other way for you to translate the phenomenon. When you catch yourself strangling the goose, take a deep breath and let go of the goose. Golden eggs will most likely appear at some point, but first things first: stop strangling that goose.

If you do not find my goose allegory amusing, you can imagine that your desires are colourful balloons that you are inflating… until you take a needle and pop them. Next time you catch yourself trying to pop the balloon, take a deep breath and imagine yourself releasing the balloon into the wind.

Or come up with your own allegory to support you in allowing your creations to breathe.

For Option B of the exercise, the invitation is to imagine your creative desires as alive ideas which live in the one source of energy that creates everything, whatever you want to call that. Imagine that there are energy threads linking you to all of these desires; through these threads you can feed your desires with love/light/energy. You don’t need to know what specific desires you are linked to, just see them as beautiful and be aware of all the love you have for them. Also, offer that love free of any conditions, do not expect or request that they come to the physical you in the physical world. Remember that their essence exists within you, otherwise you could not have created them. In this sense, remember that you already have them – you’ve had them forever. Throughout the day, whenever you can remember, look at those beautiful energy shapes and feel all the richness of the love/light/energy flowing from you to them.

This exercise requires a significant degree of detachment. Do as your heart tells you. If this is not the right day for this exercise, then keep it for another day and do Option A for Day 15.

Here is your meditation for this day:

In joy!

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