21 Days of Magick – Day 12

Image credit: Marina Valkova

Everything is energy. How does that sound to you?

At about the age of 15 I became deeply interested in the non-physical world and the translation of energy that is commonly understood as extrasensory perception. I devoured numerous books on developing extrasensory perception and tried many types of exercises for this purpose. Some of them worked, but never in the spectacular fashion that I expected them to. It was only many years later that I began to understand why.

I was fascinated by the experiences that other people described, not realising that those were actually their personal way of translating energy. The personal nature of the experience may not be very obvious because there are many people who have had similar experiences. But trying to translate energy like other people described themselves doing was a great obstacle for me. So I sincerely hope that you do not expect to translate energy in the same way someone else does.

My first major breakthrough was when I simply decided that I was already very skillful at translating energy. I just decided that all I needed to do was to become more aware of when and how it was happening. And then it actually got a lot easier. Because I was no longer trying to replicate the experiences of others, I was minding my own business and acknowledging my own experiences.

There was also another major breakthrough for me and I will dedicate more space to this topic on Day 16 of this meditation challenge. For now, I just want to mention that extrasensory abilities and other unusual abilities that have been attributed to various “special” people do not necessarily work in the mechanical fashion in which you might assume they do. It also doesn’t help to conceive of the people who have demonstrated those abilities as being “special”, i.e. “significantly different from you” – that is the equivalent of you deciding that you will never be able to do things as amazing as they did. In fact, everything that you tell yourself that makes these abilities seem rare or difficult to develop is preventing you from developing them.

That being said, for today’s exercise, I invite you to observe the energy flow in the palms of your hands while you are doing something you enjoy. It could be that you are touching a loved one, petting a cat, caring for one of your plants, writing, cooking – whatever you find to be very enjoyable.

Believe it or not, for me one of the best practices for observing the energy flow in the palms of my hands is folding clothes. And I have Marie Kondo to thank for that. I LOVE folding clothes. Slowly, mindfully, smoothening the fabric with my hands, showing respect, appreciation and affection to our clothes (I often fold clothes for 4 people). To make it even more pleasurable, I sometimes light incense and play some soothing music. While I handle the clothes in this way, I feel my hands heating up and then I begin to feel as if liquid love is pouring out of them. As explained above, I do not expect that this is what you will feel while doing today’s exercise. But I do hope that this will inspire you to find something that helps you focus on the energy flow in your hands.

Something I love about being aware of the energy flow in my body is that I can observe its relationship with various thoughts. So after I got into the habit of paying attention to how my energy flows through my body, I began to notice that if I was worried about money, the energy would stop flowing through my forearms and if I felt ashamed, the energy in my pelvis would become blocked (as opposed to fluid). We tend to entertain thoughts that are not beneficial because we find all sorts of justifications for those thoughts. We feel obliged to think certain thoughts that make us very uncomfortable because they are related to something very important or because we feel justified (“I am right!” / “It’s not fair!” / “It’s true!”). Indulging in such thoughts is first and foremost a consequence of forgetting that we are creating our own experience. And also a consequence of not being aware of the energy flow in the body. When we are aware of the energy flow and we clearly see the relationship between that energy flow and our general wellbeing, we are not so willing to indulge in thoughts that stop the flow. “Hey! Who stopped the flow of life? Turn it back on!”

And, yes, even after having developed the habit of being aware of our energy flow, we will still forget sometimes and we will lose awareness, but so what? Better is better than worse.

Here is the meditation for today:

In joy!

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