21 Days of Magick – Day 11

Image credit: Marina Valkova

When you tell stories that describe who you are, how do you choose what to include in those stories? Does it even feel like you are choosing what to include?

Even when we kind of embrace the idea that we are creators, we don’t always make the link between our creative power and our identity. We might gradually take in the idea that we can be creative and that can be useful, that we might even create the events in our lives and relationships with others. Ok, maybe we somehow create even those “strange coincidences”, but the Self? Might we even create THAT?

There are actually so many examples of famous people demonstrating exactly that, but it is somehow difficult to see that they actually created themselves. They wrote their own story. Have you heard of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the football player? His is a great example of focus applied to the creation of Self. He often refers to himself as being non-human; he says he is a lion. Here is a short video of him after having recovered from a bad knee injury, an injury which he suffered at an age close to the age most football players retire. I encourage you to look for more information about his life – he wrote a very interesting story for himself.

Stories like that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic are easily dismissed by the linear mind as being exceptional. But what about the negative stories that people tell about themselves? Those are quite popular. Those ones are allowed by the linear mind.

The exercise for this day is a playful exercise in self-determination: write a story about how it happened that your Spirit came into the physical world. You can approach this from the perspective of magick, science-fiction, fairy tales, legends etc. as long as you make the event very special. Make it feel significant, important. This is a symbolic practice but can be very powerful when taken seriously. And if you feel inspired to, by all means, do create several stories!

Here is your meditation for this day:

In joy!

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