21 Days of Magick – Day 8

Image credit: Marina Valkova

Congratulations on having completed one week of meditations on magick! I hope you can feel the transformation within you, the inevitable transformation that results from taking your mind to new places and making it work in new ways. I’d love to hear about your experience.

Do you know how evil witches laugh in movies? Well, I have discovered what that laugh means for me and I think it has been grossly misrepresented. Sometimes, when I do spiritual work, a certain type of laughter comes out of me. I think of it as the “YES!” laughter. It is the expression of a climax of energy building up inside my body. A sign that I have pushed the positive momentum of my reality design past the tipping point. I am sure we all have some sort of internal sign when the positive momentum passes the tipping point, even though, for most people, it will probably not be laughter.

For today’s exercise, I am inviting you to remember at least one moment when you experienced, with great clarity, that knowing that “it is done”, that your desire is on its way to being manifested, that whatever you were trying to do “worked”; this is a knowing that precedes any kind of proof in the physical world. What is your version of the “YES!” laughter? How does your body or your inner world tell you when the manifestation of your desire is on track? It might simply be a sudden positive feeling. Maybe it is something more general, such as you making the connection between positive feelings in a certain period of your life and subsequent happy moments. Recollect at least one of those moments when you just knew that it was working and then it did. It is best if you write down as many as you can remember.

And then, as a part of this exercise to be continued beyond this day, watch for the signs. Take notice when you are given the signal that your reality design work is on track and do something to mark the moment. Perhaps say to yourself silently: “YES!” / “I am on the right track.” / “It’s working.”

Here is your meditation for this day:

In joy!

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