21 Days of Magick – Day 7

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Difficult as it may be, in time, we do get better at extracting power from the contrasting situations in our lives. Sometimes the improvement in this skill is so subtle that we don’t even notice it. But, as we gather more life material to look back on, we begin to see positive outcomes of so many negative situations in the past.

Even then, the art of extracting power from contrast is still hard to master. If negative things give birth to positive things, does that mean we are supposed to be looking for trouble? Or could we reframe our perception of contrast?

For this day, I offer you a meditation in which you are invited to contemplate contrast from a much more comfortable stance than daily life usually allows. May we all become masters of gracefully extracting power out of the contrast in our lives!

The exercise for this day might benefit from being written down. Whether you decide to write it down or not, please go through it step by step and do not read ahead.

1. First, take a few moments to feel into the essence of Who You Really Are. It may be just a strong feeling with no words attached to it. Or it can come with words and stories attached. It may be easier for you to tap into it if you think about your values or if you think about moments when you felt at your best. Try to keep the clarity of the essence of Who You Really Are for the rest of the exercise.

2. Choose a contrasting situation that is very much alive for you right now. Take the time to notice that what is truly upsetting you about the situation is that it is “telling a lie” about you. It upsets you because you are afraid that it is making you or that it will make you into something that, deep in your heart, you know you are not. It might feel like you are dependent on another person, vulnerable, weak, capable of hurting people, not good enough for the love that you desire, limited, incapable in one way or another etc. One of the tentacles of your mind might begin to agitate right now: “But what if I am that? What if I am vulnerable / incapable / limited / unworthy etc.?”

Are you still holding clear the feeling of Who You Really Are? Just return to that feeling. Does that feeling include the thing you are afraid you are becoming in your contrasting situation?

No! Ha! You knew it! You knew it was a lie! Your awareness of Who You Really Are never includes the negative things that you believe about yourself in a contrasting situation. You can even choose to remind this to yourself whenever you remember something that you regret or when something “bad” is happening: “This does not change Who I Really Am. There is a terrible storm in this part of the ocean, but the ocean is so much larger than this storm and the storm is temporary.”

If you believe you have now reached a sufficient level of comfort in your attitude towards the chosen contrasting situation, you might want to play with reframing it in a way that serves you. This can be done in numerous ways. An example would be that you could ask yourself who you want to be in that situation. The essence of Who You Really Are always wants to be expressed in your life. Some might say that is exactly the purpose of life. How might you want to express the essence of Who You Really Are in your contrasting situation? I hope you will be friendly towards yourself when you feel that you have “tried and failed”. If you were a Queen or a King and your army would be defeated in trying to defend your castle, you wouldn’t condemn them, would you? You would think that they did the right thing in trying to defend your castle. Fortunately, this part of you who wished to express your essence in all situations is relentless! It will ALWAYS try again. And even when it looks to you like it failed, it just did a little better than it did on the previous occasions. The whole of Who You are does not keep score and does not interpret these constantly improving expressions of Its essence as being failures. It is fully engaged in the process of expressing Its essence, unconditionally and timelessly.

In joy!

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  1. Love it! Love the exercise! It is the second time that I am doing this meditation and it has brought a new perspective on “who I really am” and the contrasting energies that are my home.

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