Why can’t I find my passion?

Passion and reason have a history of disagreement so it will be unnecessarily difficult, if not impossible to find your passion if:

1. You take other people’s views in consideration.

2. You weigh the pros and the cons.

3. You think passion refers to an occupation when it is in fact an attitude.

4. You plan to use your passion as a means to an end (money, success, fulfilment).

Once you are born on this planet, odds are you will be educated in a spirit that encourages the above mental habits and beliefs. No worries. The whole beauty of the game is that you eventually get to a point where you can decide to play it your own way.

  1. You take other people’s views in consideration

There can be no true clarity as long as you keep factoring in other people’s opinions. Sorry. Passion is something STRICTLY personal. 

  1. You weigh the pros and the cons

It’s easier if you “find your passion” at an early age, when you are not so wise and cautious. Weighing pros and cons may be something your parents wanted you to do, but it renders your intuition impotent and dampens your determination.

  1. You think passion refers to an occupation when it is in fact an attitude

You are trying to find an activity you are passionate about without being a passionate person. Yeah… no. Forget it. After years of strangling enthusiasm for the sake of being reasonable and investing your imagination in worry for the sake of being cautious you have little energy to stir up. The particularities of the things you like are not enough to fix that. You’ll probably have to meditate. Oh, well…

  1. You plan to use your passion as a means to an end (money, success, fulfilment)

You look at people you consider to be successful and you see them investing themselves intensely in one thing or another. You assume that activity, which you translate as their passion is the reason for their success. It is not. Go back to no. 3 above. It is their attitude. Their attitude made it possible for them to harness the energy that allows them to be invested intensely in doesn’t matter what.

And yes, it is definitely worth finding your passion. I just hope you are not the self-destructive misunderstood artist type. If you are not, finding passion will spill over into your life in many wonderful ways. It will give you zest for life, it will bring more colour in your relationships, it will improve your physical wellbeing. And, yes, it can bring money and success and fame too, just be relaxed about this or it will be like squeezing a bar of soap too tight.

When it comes to ignoring the opinions of others, resuscitating intuition and enjoying the creaTING rather than being fixed on the creaTION, I found the work of Abraham-Hicks Publications to be the best resource so far. Jon Rappoport’s Exit From The Matrix goes deeper into using imagination and conjuring emotion on purpose – essential skills for life mastery, in my opinion. But, hey, this may be taking things too far for you. Maybe you’re just looking for a job. But I sure hope you are looking for a big bite of life.

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