21 Days of Magick – Day 4

For this day, let’s first jump into an exercise of silent coaching. I suggest you do this before the meditation. Please go through the questions below in order. Don’t read ahead, just answer before moving on to the next.

Be honest with yourself, even if the answers you know to be true for you are not the answers you would like to offer. Definitely do not go for the answers you believe are expected from you! Nobody will question you on them.

Got your pen and paper ready? Start scrolling and writing.

Image credit: Marina Valkova

1. What is knowledge?

2. What is the process of discovery?

3. What is the creative process?

4. How does creativity influence knowledge?

5. How does creativity influence the process of discovery?

6. Make a list of 10 of the most worth-while moments of your life. You decide what worth-while means. They could be happy moments, revelations, moments when you felt you made a significant contribution, moments of pleasure, moments of great clarity, ecstasy, passion etc. Trust yourself with this, don’t stress about making it a top 10 with the perfect order based on level of happiness… You needn’t describe those moments in any way, you just need to identify them.

7. What is passion?

8. What is imagination?

9. How does imagination influence creativity?

10. What is magick?

11. Do you prefer to be told what to do or to decide?

12. Do you prefer gathering knowledge about what already exists or do you prefer to create something new?

13. When people talk about “how things are”, does that bring more magick into the world or does it go against magick?

Here is the meditation for this day:

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