21 Days of Magick – Day 3

Image credit: Marina Valkova

Think back to the moments that were most significant for you, moments when you felt most present, deeply happy or at your best. Think of the circumstances that led to those moments. Were those circumstances under your personal and conscious control? Did you plan and work for those moments to happen? Or does it feel more like you were led to them?

The exercise for today is all about remembering.

First, take the time to write about things that are significant to you right now that you could not possibly guide or help in any way with your linear mind or that you could not do “by yourself”. You can include things such as the Earth staying on its orbit around the Sun, your lungs breathing all by themselves, photosynthesis and things that have been done for your convenience (you probably did not play an active role in having electricity made available in your home or in building roads from your home to wherever you want to go).

Then write about things that are important for you that other people are doing for you, from the love, attention and encouragement you receive from your family and friends to the people who are making your food or cleaning your streets.

Finally, write about significant things that have happened because “the odds were in your favour”, such as “fate” leading you to a lover or a best friend, a good job or another type of opportunity. Write about strange coincidences, about times when things went very smoothly for you.

As your linear mind moves through the day, see if you can remember to notice various things that are being done for you, various things that are easy, different ways in which you are supported. Don’t put pressure on yourself for this, do it as a game. And when you do notice something, mark the moment by saying to yourself silently things like “I am supported.” or “This is being done for me.” / “This is here for my convenience.” etc.

Here is the meditation for today:

In joy!

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